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Skype French Lessons - French Skype

French lessons online using Skype
with native French speaking teachers.

Bonjour et Bienvenue! The Skype French lessons offered by offers students around a the world a convenient way of taking French lessons online from the comfort of their homes and offices on their own schedules. All of our teachers are native French speakers with extensive experience in teaching French as a second language. All have been fully trained on how to use Skype to give are ready to give affordable lessons to students all over the world. In addition to speaking French all all our teachers also speak at least 1 other language, so they have experience being students as well as teachers. You can start learning French from home today. À bientôt!

Skype French Lessons Costs

bullet Standard Skype French Lesson Costs allows you to buy as many or as few hours of Skype French Lessons as you need. Unlike many other services, we have no hidden fees such as registration fees and we do not require you to buy a textbook from us. The prices you see below for the Skype French lessons are all you will ever need to pay An additional bonus is that once you sign up with, you lock in these prices for life!

1-9 hours: $29.00 U.S. an hour
10-19 hours: $28.00 U.S. an hour
20-29 hours: $27.00 U.S. an hour
30-39 hours: $26.00 U.S. an hour
40+ hours: $24.99 U.S. an hour

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bullet DELF & DALF Exam Preparation Costs

For those French students looking to take the DELF or DALF certification exam, we are proud to offer exam preparation for you as well. The costs for these hours is slightly higher since the French teachers have to undergo additional training and spend more time on class preparation.

1-9 hours
$39.00 U.S.
10-19 hours
$38.00 U.S.
20-29 hours
$37.00 U.S.
30-39 hours
$36.00 U.S.
40+ hours
$34.99 U.S.

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French Lessons on Skype Making Private French Classes a Possibility for Everybody!

The mission of is to make taking French lessons from a native French speaking teacher a possibility for everybody. For this reason we offer the most affordable prices for Skype French lessons on the web. You may be wondering how we do this. You may be happy to hear that it is not because we compromise in our standards for French teachers. All of our teachers are the best in the Skype French teaching industry. The way we are able to offer such affordable French lessons online is because all of our professional French teachers live outside of France in countries where the cost of living is much less. This allows them to charge much less for the French classes and passes those savings on to you.

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Online-French-Lessons Bullet How to transform your computer into a virtual French classroom with Skype!

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Purchase a Skype compatible headset if you computer does no already have on built in.

    ÉTAPE 2

Download the free software from and create a Skype user name.

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Sign up for your affordable French lessons with

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Enjoy your Skype French lessons from your home or office!

The professional teachers at that provide Skype French Lessons at, are dedicated to teaching French to people from all over the world. The Skype French Lessons are taught by native French speaking teachers an are custom made to suite the needs of each student. Each hour French lessons via Skype are a full 60 minutes long! Part of the Live Lingua Group. Privacy Policy